Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my hair get greasy fast?
There are multiple reasons for this, we recommend looking at the list and seeing what applies to you and then try the solution.
1- touching hair too often (avoid touching your hair as much as possible, use clips to keep it out the way, instead of constantly tucking it).
2- over-washing (do not wash your hair every day. Use dry shampoo to prolong your washes).
3- over-conditioning (you only need a 10p size amount of conditioner, applied to the mid lengths and ends).
4- wrong products (you need to make sure the products you use are what you actually need and that you are applying them properly).
5- overactive sebaceous glands (sometimes this can be treated in the salon with specialised products for the scalp. However, in more serious cases you will need to see a dermatologist who can prescribe medication).

Why is my hair so dry?
Hair can get dry if the scalp doesn’t create enough moisture or your hair lets moisture escape. Try using products with hyaluronic acid, which attracts and maintains moisture, such as the BC moisture kick range.

Why is my hair static?
Hair goes static when there isn’t enough moisture in it. If you suffer with static hair try a leave-in conditioner and avoid over drying the hair.

Can you repair split ends?
In short, no. Split ends are a result of damage to the outside layer of the hair (cuticle), which protects the internal structure of the hair, which is where all the nutrients, colour pigment and strength are. You can only get rid of split ends by having them cut. If you leave them, they can travel up the hair causing more damage, breakage and colour fading.