What can we say… Debbie is the perfect boss lady! She values her team more than anything, working with them on a daily basis as our Front of House. She consistently provides support and is not afraid of getting her hands dirty. Debbie doesn’t separate herself from the hard work, just because she’s the owner, in fact she can be found making drinks, sweeping the floor, shampooing and assisting our team with whatever they may need. Debbie founded Square Roots in 2004 and since then her philosophy has never changed.
If you are looking for someone to cure your hair colour disaster or you want a complete colour change… Sophie is the one for you! Her career experience combined with skill and knowledge, make her an exceptional technician. Sophie is what we would describe as a hair geek… imagine Einstein with his blackboard and all those calculations, that’s what goes through her head when she is discussing colour. An NVQ assessor, State Registered Senior Status and one of two to receive the prestigious Master Craftsman Diploma in Maidenhead. Sophie manages the business with Debbie, runs our social media and is the Head of Education. She teaches our bespoke training and development plan that is personalised to each team member, with our other educators.
Do you want to leave the salon thinking ‘I’ve no idea how she did it, but it’s AMAZING!’ That’s Jenna. She is what we can only describe as the Hermoine Granger of hairdressing. Jenna can envision your hair cut or up-do so well that, if you could see the image in her head, it will be an exact replica of what she creates. Being in the industry since 2002, her skills along with knowledge make her an incredible stylist, that’s able to advise you on exactly what you need. Leaving you with a feeling of worth, pride and that all-important feel-good factor. We haven’t worked it out yet but, we’re quite sure she’s a mind reader! Jenna assists with the managing of the salon and is also one of our assessors/educators, she makes a great educator because of her patience and incredible knowledge and skill.
David has 26 years of experience in the industry. Working in high class London salons, with celebrities and members of the Royal Family, he has a fine-tuned, precise approach to hair. David is classically trained in the ways of none other than the guru himself – Vidal Sassoon. This means your visit with him will result in the most perfectly cut, not a hair out of place style that everyone you know, will be jealous of! David also has fantastic barbering skills, there’s no 15-minute short back and sides in his mind, any gent will receive the same level of service that all women do. If you want your hair to be in the hands of someone that will undoubtedly have all his attention, whilst having a real good chat… David is your man!
Charlotte has 8 years of experience in cutting, styling and colouring. Charlotte will invest so much time in you as an individual and work with you to create your vision. She takes her time discussing everything with you and will educate you along the way. Charlotte has a slight obsession with the integrity of hair (which we LOVE), it is always the first thing on her mind with any service. She considers all options of your request and will always be honest with you about the health of your hair. Like Picasso said “Art is the elimination of the unnecessary” Charlotte won’t give you nonsense advice, nor will she do something for the sake of doing it. She is a true artist whose mission is to make every head of hair healthy and beautiful.
If you’ve seen the minions movie where the girl gets really excited about the fluffy unicorn… insert Katie. An adorable, fun loving, happy character that can make you forget all your worries and enjoy the full experience. Katie has 5 years’ experience since qualifying. A brilliant all-rounder, if you want to see the same person throughout your whole visit, you can rely on Katie to give you a fabulous experience. You know when people say ‘Oh I love a challenge’ but when faced with it, freak out, well… not this girl! Her brain works at 100mph to formulate a solution, all whilst bouncing up and down with excitement because she is being challenged.
Amiee started with us as an apprentice, doing in-house training, achieving her NVQ level 2 in 2018. Amiee is an incredible listener and has a lovely calm demeanour. She has great skills and continues to improve on a daily basis. She is always prepared and willing to learn, determined and motivated. Her skill is testimony to her growing clientele. Amiee is our blossoming lotus flower; strong foundations with the ability of so much growth.
If you’re interested in being a model for; balayage, short haircuts and gents cuts, please contact Sophie.

Having recently completed her Level 3, Tina is now a graduate stylist and technician offering all colouring services and limited cutting services. She is just about to start working on our bespoke training plan, to unleash her skill even further. Tina’s determination during her training was remarkable, she surprised herself so many times with her capabilities and skill. Sometimes we wonder if there is anything that she can’t actually do! She has great ambition and displays a very high standard of practical skill and professionalism, which is still growing. Not only is this girl on fire with her colouring ability but her skill with clippers, particularly skin fades is just amazing!
If you’re interested in being a model for: colour correction/change, all short hair cutting services including gents, please contact Sophie.
Aimee-Claire works with us on a part-time basis as Front of House. She also has great photography skills, which means she is constantly getting snaps for social media. She does an Instagram takeover every other Saturday, where she uploads live videos and captures all the behind-the-scenes action from the team. If you’re in need of a new profile picture, ask her to get one for you!